Stuff in the pipeline

I know I haven’t posted much in a while, for a number of reasons.  BUT, I want to let you know what you’ll be seeing in the future:

Spam, wonderful Spam!

Cooking Old School with Cast Iron!

Vintage Pyrex Mania!

Coffee Showdown!   Percolators vs. Vacuum/Siphon Pots vs. Chemex vs. French Press vs. contemporary filtration brewing

More Weird Gadgets and Food Reviews!

Recent Kitchen Acquisitions and other stuff from the Turquoise Collection

I’m trying to arrange an interview with an economist friend to discuss economic issues related to food.  He’s a new dad, so this may take a while to happen.  🙂

Also, you’ll see an occasional off-topic post on mental illness, as I am working to eliminate the stigma associated with this condition.  We’re not “crazy,” just human.


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