Welcome to My Kitchen

I’ve crewed on sailboats that have bigger kitchens than this, yet I still manage to cook here.

My old apartment had turquoise appliances (just like on “Ugly Betty”), so I started collecting turquoise kitchen goodies, both vintage and modern. I spotted a couple of items from my collection in the new Indiana Jones movie (set in 1957), in the scene where Indy hides in a refrigerator.

You’re seeing almost all of my counter space in the above photo. I use the stove top as a prep area too. There’s some vintage Pyrex on top of the microwave. The utensil crock is contemporary Fiestaware. The thing with the white wheels is Clocky. A turquoise teakettle is on my wishlist.

Since my kitchen is so small, I’ve tried to copy some things I’ve seen in sailboat kitchens and use the space as efficiently as possible. I installed a rack (from Ikea) above the stove, where pots, measuring cups and other items hang within easy reach. Magnetic spice jars (not pictured) stick to the side of the fridge, also within easy reach.

Most of the salt & pepper shaker collection shares the wall with a few other kitschy items. My favorites are the Jimmy Carter peanuts (center shelf on the left) and Mt. St. Helens (bottom shelf on the right). I think I have a turquoise version of every type of rotary phone ever used in the US (and I have many other rotary phones in other colors).

More turquoise stuff. Top: a vintage Popeil Dial-O-Matic slicer, vintage Pyrex oval casserole dishes, original Easy-Bake Oven, salt & pepper shakers (the round ones are Fiestaware). Middle: vintage General Electric mixer (thanks Martin), vintage Pyrex bowls, ceramic dish with lid marked “Miramar of Calif 644 ©1956,” pitcher of unknown origin (thanks Shawn). Bottom: contemporary colander, vintage plastic cups & saucers, vintage Pyrex casserole dish with carrier, vintage ice bucket, calendar plates for 1972.

I’ll be writing more about my turquoise kitchenware in future posts.


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