Finally, an OXO Product that Sucks

OXO garlic press

This garlic press, made by OXO, can squish garlic with the skin still on, and it has a removable press plate that makes it easy to clean.  Unfortunately, that little part is also easy to lose in the garbage disposal.

I have contacted OXO to see if I can get a replacement part, but since this item is not listed on their website, I have a feeling it’s been discontinued.  Without the press plate, this thing is useless.


2 responses to “Finally, an OXO Product that Sucks

  1. Oh goodness…our i Series Garlic Press sucks?! Ouch! I want you to know that we do have replacement plates available. Just give our 800 number a call (800.545.4411) and we’ll get one out to you. Sorry to let you down with the i Series Garlic Press.

    The Gang at OXO

  2. evolutionofafoodie

    I’ve e-mailed you my shipping address. Thanks for the quick response! I promise to keep the new part far away from the disposal. 🙂

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