Fie on you, Martha Stewart!

Martha, most of your kitchen products are of fine quality and a great value, but your food mill sucks!

Martha Stewart food mill

I bought your food mill ($35 at Macy’s) because I needed to puree a bunch of tomatoes for marinara sauce. (More on the sauce later.)  I put the thing together, and the spinning part doesn’t reach the bottom.  How am I supposed to smash ANYTHING completely when there is half an inch of unwanted space in the way?

To get this thing to work properly, I’m going to take it to my brother’s house, put the “pinwheel” part in a vise, and bang on it with a rubber mallet until the blades are aligned where they’re supposed to be.  Then I’m going to give it to my sister-in-law because I have already purchased the far superior food mill made by OXO ($50 at Williams-Sonoma and elsewhere).


One response to “Fie on you, Martha Stewart!

  1. Your food mill is a joke. It doesn’t work at all. I had the exact same experience as the previous commentor. Too much clearance below the auger. Can’t mill tomatoes at all. I’m taking the mill back to Macy’s. It should be taken off the market.

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